Thursday, 15 November 2012

Street Fight Zero Rules - Self Defense Tools 'Baseball Bat Flashlight'

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What you see with the picture above is a heavy-duty aluminum flashlight shaped like a baseball bat, a tool used primarily for self defense. It comes with15-inch and 23-inch in length and equipped with a 3-watt LED bulb with various flashing modes.

Why I find this self defense tool to be unique is that it combines 2 self defense application tools into 1. The practicality of having a powerful flashlight for various situations and an easy to wield tool for hitting an aggressor. Another practicality behind it's size and shape. Certain countries where vehicles are banned to carry sticks or batons so with the tool above, it passed as a normal flashlight, and for its size drivers can easily placed it at the shoulder of their seat.

For first time self defense learners below are some videos to show how this 2-in-1 tool can be applied in a vehicle self defense scenario. Courtesy of youtube : -

Below is some tips from Krav Maga on how to be more alert when getting into your vehicle. Also another good place to have your Baseball Flashlight is to put it at the back of your car for easy access.

As seen in the above video Krav Maga specializes in self defense and the emphasis in getting out of a situation fast, particularly on situational awareness and knowing how to react when it occurs. Some basic examples such as,

Situational Awareness - to be alert of the environment and the people surrounding. Trained the eyes to look at people's hand positions or what they were holding and even body language of suspicious body language & postures.

Stress management - trained in high stress situations where real scenarios happened

Weapon Improvisation - trained to identify an improvise self-defense tools and use them as leverage.

Execute hard & fast - Krav Maga specializes in taking out aggressors hard and fast when all else fails, all the sole purpose to run away from the situations fast. 

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