Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Video Analysis - Robbery within the vicinity of your Home

How Secure is your home?
Crime rate increases year after year. People getting mugged, robbed kidnapped and rape for all sorts of reasons & places, this includes our very own homes. Your house may have the greatest security equipments to prevent home break-ins. That's pretty much it, its only prevention, however Robbers & Offenders are getting more and more creative with their approach. 

Like many self-defence instructors will always tell you is to strike the weakest point to get the job done. So even robbers would struck the weakest link in any security equipments you throw at them.......YOU!!!

What you just saw is a common middle class residential homes found in Asia (Malaysia to be specific). Residential houses like these are commonly equip with CCTV cameras and large automatic gates. Some gates have sharp tips on them. 

What you just saw in the video above are two motorcyclist doing a common tailing their prey and pounce by "give me your ......." scenario with a large knife (cleavers or sharp objects are easily obtainable in hardware stores). These motorcyclist are known to be the "Mat Rempits" which are common thugs on cheap motorcycles. Equip with bike helmet for head protection & concealment, cleavers to inflict fear and injury and motorcycle for a fast getaway. 

At the above scenario the lady parked her car and waited for the gate to fully closed before exiting the car (Safety tips must do: always look around to see its safe before exiting your car) To the lady's bad luck the auto-gate didn't function as it should and the motorcyclist are able to easily force his way through the gate and strike the weakest link....Her.

This is an example of when we are at our most vulnerable moments. You are both locked in a space where its only you and the robbers lowering your chance for escape and call for help. 

Another example below of how these thugs commonly attack their victim at the vicinity where the victims are locked in a space where they cant call for help.

In the Video above the victims got out of the car, unknowingly there was the motorcyclist tailing them. they strike them out in the open knowing there is no one that can save them. The owner of the house are too afraid to open the door or it may escalate from a simple robbery to a house break-in. 

(safety tips: for both videos the most important thing is to always give them what they want, avoid confrontation. Give them what they want and hope they run away. Except if they want something other than your money, watch and bags.) 

"Its the importance of space awareness and the exiting and entering of your safe space as fast as you can"

The greatest weakest link in any security is always you. How you are mentally prepared to be aware of the dangers, how well prepared are you and the knowledge of needing to prevent and take action on dangerous situations.

So the moral of these video analysis is that we have to always be vigilant and remind ourself of the dangers around us. Always make sure of your surrounding is safe before exiting your current safe space. Robbers are creative bunch and no amount of prevention equipments can completely make you safe. Out on the streets or in the comfort of your own home. 

How safe are you at home or on the streets??

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