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Self Defense Tips by Discovery Bear Gryll

Edward Michael "BearGrylls (born 7 June 1974) is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter. He is best known for his television series Man vs. Wild, known as Born Survivor in the United Kingdom. In July 2009, Grylls was appointed the youngest-ever Chief Scout at the age of 35.

In 2010, Grylls' came out with a new project titled Worst-Case Scenario which aired on Discovery in the USA. It is based on the popular books of the same name. Unfortunately after 12 episodes the show was canceled. I've come across one episode where he showed essential tips that are rudimentary to self defense & self protection in a survival situation on the streets. 

*Have an open mind of the video and not fall under the trap of a choreograph scene &/or practical situation*

Note: ignore the first 40 seconds - its only an unrealistic staged choreograph.

Essential Tips by Bear Gryll

"Self Defense is part instinct but mostly training & preparation"

Training & Preparation is the key in protecting yourself. Instinct only works if you educate and trainedunder the similar situations. And with such preparation only then you can act instinctively. One of many examples of preparation is to pull out your keys before heading to your car/always have your self-defense tools readily accessible when caught off guard.

"Rule of Self-Defense, to create distance or close distance"

This rule varies on situations & individuals - Not everyone are trained to do an arm lock or know hows what to do when closing in the distance. My rule of self defense is to create as much distance as possible for better survival. Having a long stick as a weapon to create distance raises your chances of survival is better than giving the assailant the chance to reach you by getting close to them.

"Learn to always walk away"

When the chance presented itself always walk/run away from the person/scene. For all you know there may be a group of his friends in the area that would come to help your attacker and the situation escalates to worst when there are a group of them ganging up on you.

"Don't need force to hinder an attack"
(Hit with something sharp & hit weak points)

As seen in video, hitting your assailant with something sharper than your fist is more affective than trying to pull a big fist to knock someone out. Goes back to the above tip, having a car key is enough to make the assailant flinch away hard. Should you know where to hit is most affective and don't require a lot of energy. As thought in the video those are the weak spots of hitting.

In the end, trust your instinct and avoid confrontation all together if possible. Interested to find out more in any self defense tips feel free to check on the other post of Street Fight Zero Rules. to further understand what can be done to protect yourself against dangerous assailants on the street whether you are an adult or children .

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