Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Victor Marx - how to defend against the most commonly used punch

The man in blue is everyone's favorite all around nice guy, Fastest Gun Disarming man on the internet.
Victor Marx had a very rough childhood growing up and with his past almost behind him he is taking upon himself and go on a journey to help other kids who had similar problems as he does as a kid. I won't cover much on his background for i am just reviewing him on his videos on self defense.

If you want to know more about him feel free to check his own website in the beginning of the video.

Lets start the review off the bat.

"there are tons of martial arts out there - most of them are good but not all of them work"

i cannot stress that enough that there are too many misconceptions of practitioners believing what they learn can help them defend a street fight or defense themselves. What is most important is the understanding of what Martial Arts are and what are the practicalities of the Martial Art's technique.

"never leave your hand down, keep your hand up and keep it a distance, don't hold a fist"

I like the segment where he mentions the importance open palm than fist because creates a psychological effect to the third party when they look at who are the aggressor & defender at a glance. This is an interesting point that we don't see very often in the internet, so extra points to Victor Marx for pointing that out.

"most common type of punch is a Right Hook/Haymaker/etc."

This isn't a debate wether he is right or wrong about the most common type of punches, majority of the people are right handed so your chances of getting attacked by a right hook are higher. Especially to untrained people. The main point he is trying to make is for you to keep your hands up to create a shield, physically & psychologically. Any form of defense is better than getting a fist straight to the head.

"big difference between a fighter & self defender"

Check out some of Victor Marx amazing demonstration in gun disarming for it is definitely cool to watch

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