Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Self Defense for Senior Citizen - a street fight case study

'Stay back you scoundrel!'
Now this here topic is nothing new, violence can happen to anyone anywhere and anytime, Woman children and even grown man, however what i find really interesting is the lack of discussions and instructional videos for the elderly when it comes to self defense on the internet. This caught my interest and decided blog about it with whatever i can find.

Disclaimer - this blog is not the definitive guide to encourage/nor discourage elders to react violently back against offenders to defend themselves - the purpose of this blog is to create an awareness and a sort of case study of what is available out there on the internet.

Of course as always when are faced in a threatening situation the best way is to get out the way alive, so should a potential violent encounter can be prevented that will be the very best route. When facing in real life threatening situation and no other way out the only viable option is to neutralize the situation quickly and get away from the scene.

Take note i say Neutralize instead of Fighting back, there is a difference!
and this is especially true to those who are not Martial Arts/ Self Defense trained not to mention Children & Elderly.

Fighting back will only anger the offender and that will trigger an event more violent temper out of you trying to 'Fight Back' however by neutralizing can be more than just flailing arms/kicking. Should you are able to neutralize the situation by saying 'sorry - here take my money, I dont want any trouble' that is also one of many ways to neutralize the situation (again not a definitive guide)

The above video is a movement which i am glad to see, the instructors take upon themselves to selflessly teach the elders some techniques so they may not feel as vulnerable when walking alone on the streets. It is quick to learn very practical for the elderly's age (although not limited to only the seniors) and it have some points that i made in my previous blogs as well.

  • If all else fails it's definitely something for the senior citizen to keep themself busy and beneficial for their health by exercising and moving around.
  • Cane Fu - is as literal as it gets - it is a tongue in cheek self defense style involving using the walking cane/stick. For those of you remembered in my other blogs, a walking stick is a legalize (and common) item to carry around that can act as an improvised weapon to create distance from your attacker.
  • The attacks was taught to go straight for the weak points. quickly neutralize the assailant.
Above are all positives feedback i have in regards to the intentions being taught
  • Of course what was being taught is a noble cause, however there will be people questioning the implication wether elders should be taught to hit back, risking the dangers of a stronger assailant to acting far more violent than before. As well as the understanding of their own physical limit.

This is a question no one will have the answer to however it is definitely a discussion that needs more attention.

To find out more about Self Defense for the Elderly, look no further to more interesting facts and videos below or google the term "Self Defense for Senior Citizen". A word of warning of graphic content in video below.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Victor Marx - how to defend against the most commonly used punch

The man in blue is everyone's favorite all around nice guy, Fastest Gun Disarming man on the internet.
Victor Marx had a very rough childhood growing up and with his past almost behind him he is taking upon himself and go on a journey to help other kids who had similar problems as he does as a kid. I won't cover much on his background for i am just reviewing him on his videos on self defense.

If you want to know more about him feel free to check his own website in the beginning of the video.

Lets start the review off the bat.

"there are tons of martial arts out there - most of them are good but not all of them work"

i cannot stress that enough that there are too many misconceptions of practitioners believing what they learn can help them defend a street fight or defense themselves. What is most important is the understanding of what Martial Arts are and what are the practicalities of the Martial Art's technique.

"never leave your hand down, keep your hand up and keep it a distance, don't hold a fist"

I like the segment where he mentions the importance open palm than fist because creates a psychological effect to the third party when they look at who are the aggressor & defender at a glance. This is an interesting point that we don't see very often in the internet, so extra points to Victor Marx for pointing that out.

"most common type of punch is a Right Hook/Haymaker/etc."

This isn't a debate wether he is right or wrong about the most common type of punches, majority of the people are right handed so your chances of getting attacked by a right hook are higher. Especially to untrained people. The main point he is trying to make is for you to keep your hands up to create a shield, physically & psychologically. Any form of defense is better than getting a fist straight to the head.

"big difference between a fighter & self defender"

Check out some of Victor Marx amazing demonstration in gun disarming for it is definitely cool to watch