Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Street Fight Zero Rules

What is going through your head right now?
Imagine yourself were forced in to this situation right now, what are things that are going through your mind? What are the noises you hear in your head, was it the aggressor yelling and screaming? or was it drowned by the noises of your own thoughts? Can you think fast enough to handle such situation or are your legs shivering that you couldn't even move an inch? Who's faces are you seeing at that moment, was it the aggressor with the weapon? or was it the faces of your loved ones?

Those are floods of emotions and questions you will feel upon the split seconds of you realizing that your life is being threatened. Some of you may have many years of Martial Arts on your belt and may think your way to diffuse the situation and......BANG! all the hard training & the emotions all gone in an instant.

In your eyes and in your heart are telling the aggressor that you "are going to Kung Fu your way out of this situation" and that is all the aggressor needs to pull the trigger on you.


Street Fight Zero Rules is a blog that will beat you with information into understanding the core reality of a Street Fight scenarios that may occurs anywhere and anytime, often times unprepared. Providing you important and straight-forward information on staying safe. We want YOU to be more aware of your surroundings, how situations developed into violence, and how to handle a serious confrontation when you have no other choice. No more of the 'i know kung fu to protect myself' that the misconception that Hollywood placed into us. Often times I come across Martial Arts or Self Defense schools that taught about the great techniques available, however it was at a safe environment and was not trained to handle real unexpected dangers.

Street Fight Zero Rules one goal is to bring an awareness of Self-defense Self-respect, all for the sole purpose of going back home to their love ones.

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